Fire Emblem x Animal Crossing pin preorders end 5/31!
Fire Emblem x Animal Crossing pin preorders end 5/31!


Updated 11/5/23

Q: Do you offer UK/EU shipping?

Yes, but only on my Etsy (this is so your taxes can be collected ahead of time to save you money).

Q: Do you make all this stuff?

Yes! Everything is designed, sourced, packaged, and shipped by me. Stickers, magnets, prints, and original work are all made by me. Everything else I can't make myself is made with the help of production companies.

Q: Why order here instead of on Etsy/Why order on Etsy instead of here?

Etsy takes a large chunk of every sale, so it helps an artist out to order directly from them. My prices might reflect that on Etsy.  
Alternatively, if you need shipping to the UK/EU, that's the only place I can offer to take orders. Etsy is currently the only platform that offers to collect VAT ahead of time. 

Q: Will you do/make ______?

I don't mind suggestions; some customers' and followers' suggestions have ended up as products. Please understand that I can't make every suggestion a reality. I also do commissions on occasion.

Q: Do you do conventions?

Yes! I have my schedule on Instagram.

Q: What is your (social media)?

Click here for all of em!