Shipping Policies

Updated 11/5/23

I try to send out packages within a week of receiving them. Sometimes I get backlogged, but feel free to reply to your order confirmation for any updates.


My tracked package was lost/damaged irreparably.
Standard and priority USPS shipping covers up to $100 in value, so I can refund your order or send you a new package if the items are available. If you would like higher coverage than this for a large order, please contact me directly. The vast majority of packages that seem lost have turned up after a month+ and/or submitting a claim to USPS.

My tracked package was stolen.
Unfortunately, this is not covered by regular shipping or insured shipping. For US shipping, USPS can provide a GPS location if asked in order to verify that it was delivered to the correct location. I can try to help you locate your package, but please realize I do not receive any reimbursement for stolen packages. If it is a high value package, I recommend filing a police report. I evaluate these on a case by case basis, but generally I ask that you pay for the production cost of the item + shipping for a replacement/sans these for a refund. Please contact me directly.

My untracked letter mail was lost/stolen.
This shipping option is the cheapest I can offer, but also has no protections or tracking, so there is no way to locate it if it goes missing. For US shipping, please give a month or more for it to reappear. For international shipping, please give up to 3 months for it to reappear.